G.O.Y.A* and Just Do it!

Be Your Own Hero

*Get Off Your Arse.

I remember years ago daydreaming about winning the lottery.  I would dream about what I would do with the money – pay off debts, my mortgage, give some money to my immediate family…not friends (yes, I said it); go on holiday; invest some of it, etc.  I would spend hours daydreaming, how even £50k would change my life substantially….and then forget to buy a lottery ticket! 

I remember wanting so much to lose weight; saying things like I was big-boned was wearing very thin 🙂 (pun intended) and then in the next breath I would be stuffing my face with milk chocolate hobnobs (heaven!).  Or sending an email to work colleagues complaining about my ‘shitty, shitty, absolutely crap’ salary and not doing anything about it. 

A lot of us spend most of our lives daydreaming, wishing, wanting, needing.  Few take the necessary steps that are needed to make our daydreams, wishes and wants come true. 

We all want to be successful, in our careers, businesses, and relationships; and we look on in envious admiration of people who are achieving their dreams.  We tell ourselves that they have an advantage because…….they’re charming, more beautiful, they have contacts, etc.

We say all these things to ourselves and don’t do take any action for ourselves.  Sometimes we do try but it becomes too difficult or we come across an obstacle or two so we give up.  Months or even years pass by and the people who have taken action become more successful while we remain the same.   

I’ve learnt over the years that once you know what you want, if you then don’t get off your arse and just go for it, no one else will do it for you.  No matter how much you wish it, dream about it, talk about it; if you don’t make the decision to do it, then get up and just do it, the ‘it’ will never be done, no matter what.

I use to be afraid of failure and so I didn’t really like making decisions. I later realised that not making a decision meant that I didn’t take any action which ultimately meant that I will surely fail. 

Indecision leads to inaction.  And inaction means you’ll remain in the same position next month, next year, in years to come and this doesn’t make one a success.  The act of not making a decision means that you have CHOSEN, deliberately or otherwise, not to succeed. 

There’s nothing more irritating than an adult who doesn’t seem to be able to make a decision.  Have you ever been on a date with someone who seems wonderful but can’t seem to decide on the choice of food or wine?  Who spends about five minutes urmming and ahhing as to what food and drink they should get.  The waiter then comes back the third time to ask if your date has chosen something yet, after what seems like forever your date asks the waiter…’what do you recommend’?  At this point if you still want to date them then you’re a much better person than I am.

You want to succeed?  Decide what you want and then get up and take action.

Everyone who has achieved any kind of success continually makes decisions about their lives, their goals, their relationships, etc.   They take action, some are big, some small, some will be wrong, some will be right; some will fail, some will succeed.  Sometimes it’s not even the decisions that they make, it’s the fact that they’ve made a decision and from that they’ve taken an action.  If it’s a wrong decision, then they’ve learnt from it and as a result, they’ve moved further than they were before they made the decision and probably learnt more.

Perfect examples of people who ‘Got off their Arses and Just Did it’

Oprah Winfrey – Media Mogul – was fired from her TV reporting job because they told her she wasn’t fit to be on screen.  Now owns….seriously, is there any point in finishing the sentence?!

Donald Trump – Entrepreneur – was bankrupt numerous times but yet has come back wealthier than before.  He made decisions that made him lose money but then he turned things around, learnt from his mistakes and made other decisions that made him gain more money than before.

Shonda Rhimes – Screenwriter, Director, and Producer – after graduation from university she found herself an unemployed scriptwriter in Hollywood and worked at a various day jobs.  She eventually worked on a variety of TV shows and movies, some were a success, some were not.  Now she is the creator of very successful TV shows: Grey’s anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal (btw I LOVE Scandal!).

Sir James Dyson – Innovator – while developing his vacuum, Sir James Dyson went through 5,126 failed prototypes and his savings over 15 years.  But the 5,127th prototype worked and now the Dyson brand is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners in the world.

J.K. Rowling – Author – was unemployed, divorced and raising a daughter on benefits while writing the first Harry Potter novel.  She is now an international renowned author and the first person to become a BILLIONAIRE from writing.

So how do you make a decision?  By making a decision :-); seriously, it’s not rocket science sometimes you have to be your own hero ;-).

Action is the foundational key to all success…..So here’s to our success!

Published by Shisha

Shisha Dublin-Green is a Business Success Coach and the founder of AydaOntheGo Business Coaching. She has over 7 years experience as a business coach and consultant to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in UK and Africa. She provides bespoke coaching programmes and training to entrepreneurs who want to build and grow profit-making, wealth-generating businesses; taking their business from ordinary to extraordinary.

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