Sometimes You Just Need to Relax

Holiday in the Sun

I’ve just come back from Turkey, I spent a long weekend in Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort.

I’d like to say something along the lines of how exotic this town is on Turkey’s Aegean coast which also has a lot of art and culture; how similar they look to some southern towns in West Africa with the houses built so close together and the orangey feel about the town.

I’d also like to say that I visited Kaleiçi Camii – the mosque built in 1618 for Grand Vizier “Öküz” Mehmed Pasha, Kirazli Village – a traditional Turkish village, Yılancı Burnu – a possible location of the original settlement of Neopolis or even Kadıkalesi – a Venetian/Byzantine castle.

I really would like to say I visited all of these places or that I went out to funky places in the town and met some lovely Turkish men, alas I didn’t.  Between working long hours in the business and the journey from our lovely London, all I wanted to do on arrival was sleep.

You couldn’t have paid me to get out of the resort.  I spent the whole weekend lounging on our balcony or by the pool.  The weather was beautiful, sunny with the right amount of breeze that makes it feel sooooo good; it was glorious.  All requests to join friends for morning gym sessions were met with an astonished gaze that translated to ‘what the hell?’ , ‘I’m on holiday!’  I must confess that I did think about work and sent a few BB and WhatAspp messages; but it didn’t feel like work because I wasn’t in London….I’m taking baby steps here :-).

It felt good to just chill with friends, drink wine and gossip the day away with a spot or three of shopping (in the resort). Times like these you are reminded that life should be more than just work.

Mid-year resolution….schedule in some more time for friends, wine and se…. 🙂

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Shisha Dublin-Green is a Business Success Coach and the founder of AydaOntheGo Business Coaching. She has over 7 years experience as a business coach and consultant to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in UK and Africa. She provides bespoke coaching programmes and training to entrepreneurs who want to build and grow profit-making, wealth-generating businesses; taking their business from ordinary to extraordinary.

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