Develop Your Originality

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It’s easy to copy successful businesses and provide exactly the same products and services; I see it a lot in my business. The excuse given is why reinvent something that’s already successful, right?  

I agree. 
But there’s a uniqueness about every successful business, something that they’ve done, a twist about their product, service, business model that makes them unique and successful because they’ve added their own uniqueness to their business. So when you, from the outside, copy everything about that business, you become a poor version of an original. 
No one person is like another. We’re all unique in our own way and we’ll be doing a huge disservice to ourselves if we don’t discover our uniqueness and apply it to our business. Even if we’re all in the same industry, offering the same business, there should be something different about what we offer because we’re all different. 
You must invest in the time to discover YOU and your quirk, how you want to differentiate your business because it’s that difference that sets you apart and will bring you the ideal customer you want.
RESIST the urge to be a copy.
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