Be Extra, With Lots of Sparkle

“We are living in unprecedented times”…how many times have you heard that? I stopped counting.

When we were planning our goals last year and toasting to 2020, who would have thought that six months into the new year our one wish would be to sit in a cafe and people-watch…or is it just me?

COVID19 and the subsequent lockdown has really put things in perspective for all of us, hasn’t it? It’s made us appreciate things we didn’t really notice in our daily lives, the things we took for granted.

For me, it emphasised making the most of whatever situation you’re in; and when I mean make the most of it, I mean making it EXTRA, with lots of flair – like if you’re in a crappy job, pretend that it’s the best job ever and give it your excellence (whilst you’re looking for something else, of course!).

If you live in the smallest box of a room, make it the cleanest, swankiest box-room-living space there ever was!

Sometimes life is much less than we want, but we’ve got to give it the best our can and make the most of where we are while we’re on the journey to where we want to be.

It’s important for us not to allow our happiness to be dependent on our current situation. I know it’s easier said than done, especially with all the things happening in the world. But it’s EXACTLY what we NEED to do BECAUSE of all the uncertainty, anxiety and negativity in the world right.

It’s not about us burying our heads in the sand and pretending nothing is happening – far from it. It’s about creating an environment where we can be creative, provide solutions and serve others; all of which we won’t be able to do if we’re plagued with doubts, worries and fears.

So, as you build your business and seeking for world peace, remember to do it with lots of sparkle.😊

It’s That Time of the Year!

A Very, Very Merry Christmas from Us at AydaOntheGo!

This is the season of merriment and goodwill to all – so make sure you jump into the swing of things with an attitude of gratitude – because no matter how your year has been, making it to the end of the year is definitely worth celebrating😊!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your entrepreneurial journey; we’re looking forward to the greater things that 2020 has in store.

During this season, do make sure you enjoy yourself, spend quality time with your loved ones and just appreciate how far you’ve come this year and the lessons you’ve learned.

Have a Marvelous Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

We wish you all the love, laughter and joy this holiday season.

PS: Remember that there’s no magic wand to transform your next year to a super-successful year.  Your 2020 will start the SAME WAY your 2019 ends.   So, if you want to start strong you’ve got to finish well! 

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Social Media Platforms Are Out to Get Your Money!

Instagram App

The other day, I was on Instagram and an entrepreneur made this comment on my page:  

“It’s a rough road being an entrepreneur with business and financial challenges that come along the way; and with social media outlets closing their doors by changing algorithm systems and making money from small business owners.”

I see similar comments like that from entrepreneurs.  They complain about the ways social media platforms are trying to make as much money as possible from small businesses. I absolutely understand the sentiment.

My response and advice to the him was:

“The entrepreneurial life is a challenging one, especially if you’re trying to navigate ways to grow your business without guidance.  Trying to figure out how to get customers and make more sales on your own is incredibly tough, frustrating and overwhelming, to say the least; and it’s also likely to take you at least 3 times as long to get the results you want!

It’s important for us entrepreneurs not to be fooled by the ‘free’ access to Instagram/Facebook (or other social media) platforms. 

These platforms are ‘for-profit’ businesses; and like any business they’re going to see how best to make a profit (get as many businesses to do sponsored ads as possible), whilst providing value = ‘free’ use of their platform; which means as a business owner, you must do the same. ” 

No business should rely on social media alone as their ONLY marketing strategy. Yes, these platforms create opportunities that may not have been easily accessible and available, especially for small businesses; however, they should be just ONE of a variety of strategies that you can use to get the results you want (off and online) in your business. In fact, a lot of the online strategies have been adapted from successful offline marketing strategies.

Social media should be just ONE of the tools you use to grow your business, but NOT the only one.  Otherwise you are putting your business success at the mercy of respective platforms when they change their algorithms.

This is why I teach a variety of success marketing strategies that you can use to get the results you want (both off and online). 

Your responsibility as an entrepreneur is to find the right social media platform(s) for your business (some may not be beneficial for your business) and figure out how to use the respective platform(s) to get customers, increase sales and get the results you want, irrespective of any changes to their algorithms.

This is why I created my 14-Day Challenge, Supercharge Your Business, especially for entrepreneurs who are struggling with lack of customers AND sales in their business.

I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who put so much into their business and not getting the results they want so I put together this 14-Day Challenge to show you the right success strategies that your business needs to get the results you’re after!

 Check it out here: Supercharge Your Business

Are You Tough Enough For Success?

An acquaintance of mine called me to say that she was giving up her business and going back to being an employee.

I asked her whether she was just taking a break from her business, and is she was going to pick it up at later date. She said ‘No’, that she was tired of was tired of growing her design business, tired of looking for customers, tired of trying to get her business moving, etc.

I was sad to hear it as she’s such a talented designer, but I would never try to convince anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.

As much as I’d love for every entrepreneur to know how to generate sales in their business, it’s not going to happen. It takes a certain mindset that some people just don’t have.

I’d say over 80% of entrepreneurs who try to grow their business give up within the first three years.

Some of the reasons for this are:

  1. They’re not crystal clear about what they want in their business
  2. They haven’t tested their product in the market
  3. They haven’t done sufficient research
  4. They don’t know their ideal customer and where to find them
  5. They don’t know how to market their products
  6. They don’t have the right message

I’m not saying these people are incapable of having a successful business.

It’s just that they won’t stick with what’s proven to work. 
They dabble in a little of this and a little of that…
Then they just give up.
Simply wanting to succeed isn’t enough.
Trying hard isn’t enough.

There’s a certain mindset you need to have.

You’ve got to know that:

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, DO YOU MUST SOMETHING DIFFERENT: You can’t be doing the exact same thing and expecting some dream fairy to give you a different result. Also change doesn’t happen if you do nothing.

SUCCESS IS A SKILL NOT A TALENT: No-one is born innately successful. You may not have everything you need to succeed right now, but you can LEARN what you need to succeed.

NO RISK, NO REWARD: You CANNOT succeed if you’re unwilling to get out of your comfort zone and take risks.

MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE: You won’t be successful at ANYTHING if you’re afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes will happen, you’ve got to learn to get over it quickly and move on.

FAILURE IS NOT FINAL: Every successful person has experienced failure. In fact, you learn more from failure than you do from success. Learn why it failed, dust yourself up and keep moving.

LEARN AND APPLY: Willingness to learn is fantastic but you MUST apply what you have learnt.

Do you have the mindset to succeed? Send me your comments and tag a friend who needs to hear this.

10 Biggest Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

In my 7+ years of helping people get more customers and increase sales in their business, I’ve seen the same handful of mistakes occur over and over again.

In fact, if you can just avoid making the following mistakes, I suspect you will have no trouble reaching your business growth goals.

Here they are:

1) Not Identifying Your Ideal Client – just knowing your target market is not enough.
2) Not Testing Your Market – it’s not enough to think you have a good product, you’ve got to KNOW it.
3) Copying Your Competitors – yes it’s good to check out the competition but you don’t have to COPY them!
4) No Clear Vision – very deadly for any entrepreneur.
5) Not Having a TARGETED Marketing Strategy – you’re trying to sell to everyone but no-one is buying.
6) Not Setting Attainable Goals – that’s a surefire way to set yourself up to fail.
7) Spending More Time on Creating and Less time on Selling.
8) Focusing More on Making a Sale than Connecting with Customers.
9) Not Getting Feedback.
10) Thinking You Can Do It All By Yourself – you can’t.

So there you have it. Now you know what to avoid.

Are there any more you’d like to add? Let me know, send me a comment!

For the “how to’s” of setting your business up for success, check out 14-Day Challenge. This is where I show you how to increase sales and learn how to market like a Pro without suffering from overwhelm and burnout!

High Sacrifice for High Rewards

Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park.

The spoils (success) of entrepreneurship is not to those who are the brightest, the most creative or who create the best content; rather, it is to those who are the most consistent and have staying power.

I’ve learnt that for your business to be successful there can be no Plan B.  Your Business MUST be your Plan A to Z.

I’m not saying that you should be inflexible about your business ideas or that you can’t have income coming from other avenues; but you must have perseverance and be determined to stick with your business until the death 🙂.

Be prepared to invest the time it takes to study your market, do research, test out your product(s) on your market – not once or twice but frequently and consistently.

You also need to invest money in your ‘continual learning’, i.e. books, courses, coaches, mentors, events. Your business CANNOT survive without your continual learning, this cannot be avoided.

You ALSO need to constantly apply the things you’re learning.

The sacrifice is real, but the rewards are immense and I can definitely tell you that it’s worth it.

Are you still up for the challenge and rewards of being an entrepreneur, click HERE for my FREE course.

Share this with a friend who needs to hear it; send me a comment about your entrepreneurial experience – whether they are challenges &/or rewards.

Get Rich Quick Scheme? You Wish!

brunch (6)

Don’t let anyone deceive you into believing that once you have a business you can get rich quickly, because if that’s your goal you’re setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even began.

To build a successful business you MUST put in the work, you’ve got to GRIND, do your RESEARCH, TEST your market, take LOTS of CONSISTENT ACTION, check the results you’re getting and do it all over again, and again, and again.

Whilst you’re doing all of the above, you’ll also need to invest MONEY in yourself and your business by paying for books to read, courses to take, paid marketing, etc, that will increase your knowledge and your income from your business.

You can only get out of your business what you put in it, so if you’re not prepared to do any of the above, it’s okay to stay in your job.

A business is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme; however, if you do it right it’s a ‘wealth creating’ machine.

Develop Your Originality

AydaOntheGo - Imgaes for Website smile-1485850

It’s easy to copy successful businesses and provide exactly the same products and services; I see it a lot in my business. The excuse given is why reinvent something that’s already successful, right?  

I agree. 
But there’s a uniqueness about every successful business, something that they’ve done, a twist about their product, service, business model that makes them unique and successful because they’ve added their own uniqueness to their business. So when you, from the outside, copy everything about that business, you become a poor version of an original. 
No one person is like another. We’re all unique in our own way and we’ll be doing a huge disservice to ourselves if we don’t discover our uniqueness and apply it to our business. Even if we’re all in the same industry, offering the same business, there should be something different about what we offer because we’re all different. 
You must invest in the time to discover YOU and your quirk, how you want to differentiate your business because it’s that difference that sets you apart and will bring you the ideal customer you want.
RESIST the urge to be a copy.

Integrity or Profit?


brunch (14)

Sir James Dyson, the billionaire founder of the Dyson products has recently been in the news about a business decision he has made which may have consequences on his reputation.

For those who don’t know, in 2016 there was a referendum put to us in the UK asking whether we wanted to leave or remain the European Union (EU). There was a lot of debate on both sides, with political and business leaders on either side telling us the pros and cons of leaving or remaining in the EU.

One of the many arguments for the Remain vote was that it would be tough for the UK to do business with other countries once we leave the EU and that, if we leave, companies may no longer want their head office to be in the UK.

Sir James Dyson was one of the top business men who was vocal about the benefits of leaving the EU, saying other countries would still want to do business with us, companies would still want to come here; and some would even say that he gave credence to the Leave campaign.

Well, the majority of UK voted to leave so we are currently going through the process of leaving the EU. In the meantime, Sir Dyson announced last week that he is moving his company from the UK to Singapore.

As you can expect, people are outraged. They feel betrayed that after Sir Dyson gave his voice to the leave vote, he is now leaving us to deal with the drama and complexities of leaving the EU and moving his company abroad. Sir Dyson is defending his move that it has nothing to do with UK leaving the EU.

Some accuse him of hypocrisy and have said his decision shows a lack of integrity.

This got me thinking about integrity and what price you place on it.

Do you think integrity is invaluable?

Would you place it more or less than profits in your business?

Let me know your thoughts!

Lessons Learned with Hindsight

5lessonslearned - for Lessons Learned Blog

I love working with new entrepreneurs, there’s a fresh passion, determination and optimism that their business will succeed no matter what.

My role as a coach is make sure that bubbling positive energy isn’t extinguished by ensuring they’re prepared for the challenges along the way; and that they not only have the necessary tools they need to make their business succeed, but also know how to use those tools.

Anyone who has a business, no matter how successful will tell you it’s incredibly hard work; especially at the beginning.  There are a few things I’ve learned, either from my own painful experience or those around me – clients, family and friends. For those who are either thinking of starting a business or are already in it, you may find these useful:

Live well Below Your Means.  We all want to look fabulous (my favourite word 😊); it’s easy to be seduced by the Jones’s and want to keep up with them.  But if you want to start with a good foundation, simplify your life and do try to live as inexpensively as possible.

Always, Always Have Savings.  If you don’t already have savings, please try and start, even if it’s £5.00 a month and it’s increased over time.  Start with any amount you can consistently afford.  But the key word is CONSISTENT.  Whatever amount you can start with, it must be done regularly, i.e. monthly.

You may want to have three savings for the following:

Financial Freedom/Your Dream – to clear your debts or and your business website, marketing, etc.

Short-Term – for car, furniture, etc.

Golden Goose – towards your retirement (no matter your age).

Education – for books, courses, events for your self-development.

Never Eat Your Golden Goose.  Don’t spend the money you’re saving for retirement.  Not everyone agrees with me on this one, I know people who have used money in this account, given themselves a deadline to pay the money back and paid it back with interest…and I know people who have not yet been able to pay all the money back.

Never Spend Your Tax. I know it’s soo obvious that you shouldn’t spend the money set aside for your tax; but it’ll look very enticing when there’s an emergency.  Don’t touch it!  Do not do it!  You’re better off getting multiple jobs to get the money you need.

People will Disappoint You (including friends & family).  There’s nothing you can do about this one.  Sometimes people do what they say they’ll do, other times they’ll disappoint you. They may not mean to, but it’ll happen. Saying ‘Be prepared for it’, sounds pessimistic; so, I’ll just say ‘There’s a lesson to be learnt from it.’  C’est la vie.

I know there are many more, these were the ones that seem to be the most painful.

Having a business is still 100% worth it, but it’s always much better to be prepared. 😊

What lessons have you learned from your entrepreneurial journey?