Information Worth Paying For

There’s a lot of free information available on business – from how to start a business, how to sell your products/services, how to market your business, digital marketing, you name it, it’s out there. As a result, most people have some level of knowledge about various aspects of being in business; which is great.  ButContinue reading “Information Worth Paying For”

Back to the Drawing Board

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board. Nothing wrong in admitting to yourself that maybe you got it wrong; that the results you were expecting didn’t quite pan out; or that maybe you didn’t take enough time to figure out what you really wanted, what direction your life, your project, your businessContinue reading “Back to the Drawing Board”

Sow those Wild Oats

A friend of mine, a lover of chick flicks, Mills & Boons, finding ‘The One’ and ‘happily ever afters’, is getting married.  I am thrilled for her, will obviously be attending the wedding and I’m looking forward to my trip to Selfridges Shoe Hall and wearing my slinky Herve Leger bandage dress.  She has alreadyContinue reading “Sow those Wild Oats”

Naomi Campbell – Role Model

Drive Discipline and a Thick skin….. I never thought I would ever, in a million years mention Naomi Campbell, role model and me in the same sentence but please hear me out. I recently watched a couple of episodes of a reality model show called ‘The Face’ which features our very own Naomi Campbell asContinue reading “Naomi Campbell – Role Model”