Money-Making Marketing Strategy

Money-Making Marketing Strategy (3M Strategy) is a two-part programme for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to know how to get their ideal customers, how to get customers who are EAGER to buy their products and discover strategies that their business needs to SUPERSIZE their income.

If you feel that your business is stuck, and you don’t know what else to do to get it moving, you are overwhelmed about the number of things your business needs succeed, you don’t know how you’re going to achieve your goals or even how to get new customers…

Deep down you’re all out of ideas on what to do for the business to generate a consistent income…then Money-Making Marketing Strategy is for you.

Is 3M Strategy the right Programme for You?

This programme is for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of putting all in your business and not getting much out of it
  • You want a business that is generating an income of MINIMUM of £4,000 per month, EVERY month
  • You’re ready to take 100% responsibility for the SUCCESS of your business
  • You want customers who are EAGER to BUY your products
  • You are COMMITTED to your success and ready to work for it.

Are you ready to create your business and generate the income of your dreams?


I know your heart longs for something much more…

You dream of a business that provides value and creates financial wealth for you and your family.  You desire for the vision you have for yourself and your business to be achieved and build a business that makes a HUGE impact on others.

But you’re out of alignment with your vision.


YOU’RE OVERWORKED, OVERWHELMED, AND NO ONE IS BUYING.IN SHORT: You want nothing more than to have a business that is generating consistent income, with a constant flow of customers who are EAGER to buy your products.   You want to create WEALTH!


  • A business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world
  • A business that is consistently making a profit and increasing in customers
  • A life where you spend quality time with your family and friends
  • Products and services that customers are clamouring for
  • Loyal customers who constantly recommend your products and services
  • Getting businesses to market your products and service


  • Setting your business up that generates at least six figures…consistently.


You’ve been toiling away on your business for years with no significant change.  You know it’s time to do something different, leave behind that grind and transform it to a profit-making business.

Maybe you:

  • Keep changing your business goals and products according to different customer’s views
  • Are marketing to family, friends and just about anyone that has ‘liked’ your product on social media
  • Have been offering different types of products but yet no-one is buying anything
  • Have tried different ways to get customers but you don’t know how to get them in
  • Have some customers but they buy only once or twice, and you don’t know why?

If you’re fed up of the unending cycle of no customers, not earning enough income, overworked, overwhelmed, not achieving your goals, then it’s time for a change!

“Prior to meeting with Shisha, I decided that I wanted to develop my hobby of being a baker into a business.  I know what I wanted my end goal to be but not the steps to take to actively start this process.
Meeting with Shisha was a game changer.  We spoke about the basics such as the purpose of my business and what I wanted to end goals to be.  We spoke in depth about many aspects to my dream and how to make it a reality.  I realised that I had so much opportunity that I had been walking away from.
Since our session, I have taken active steps in the development and branding of my business as well as starting to make contacts for training and development purposes.
What difference has Shisha made?  A lot of difference.  The help in developing a strategy to start my business and further develop it, has certainly been worth it.”

Adeola F – London, UK

You don’t have to be stuck in the same place!

What if you had someone to show you exactly what you needed to do to turn things around?  Someone to guide you through each strategy, step by step?

Would you take the step?

Would you like to achieve your goals quicker?

Would you like to double your income or more in a few weeks?  Would you like to have the right type of customers eager to buy your products?  Would you live the life of your dreams?

My Name is Shisha Dublin-Green, I’m a Business Success Coach & Strategist, and I’m here to show you that you can have the business of your dreams and I can help you.

From the testimonials from my clients, you can see that you’re not the only entrepreneur that has gone through this.  Every entrepreneur goes through this stagnant, growing period, even me.

The reason I can confidently shout from the rooftops that I can help you is because I went through this at the beginning of my business career too.

After years of working long hours in the finance industry and being under-appreciated, I decided to become an entrepreneur and I started working in the evenings and weekends on my business.

I got a few clients after a while and was confident I could do it full-time, so I left my job.  Yes, I left a ‘secure’ job without any safety net.

I was very confident that I would immediately generate enough business income to replace my salary because after all, I was passionate about my business had done extensive research in the business industry.

You see, I had visions of the kind of business I wanted, the type of services I would be offering my clients and how they would be beating down my door, desperate to use my services.

I also had dreams of focusing on life as an entrepreneur, earning lots of money and finally being in charge of my time, yippee!

I knew what I was selling but I had no idea where to start to get new clients; as the clients I had were introduced by friends…

  • I didn’t know who my ideal clients were
  • I didn’t know how to market to my ideal clients
  • I didn’t know how to get my ideal clients to notice me
  • I didn’t know how to put my services in an attractive package
  • I didn’t even know how to price effectively for my services
  • Yes, I loved my clients and the service I was providing to them but I was overworked – going to networking events every single day whilst providing services for my clients
  • I was overwhelmed – doing every single thing myself

The bottom line: My business wasn’t generating any consistent income.

In fact, I was losing money because one of clients moved overseas and the others stopped needing my services as frequently, so my income dropped so much that I had to go back to the finance industry to work as a self-employed contractor (it’s basically an employee with no company benefits but earning more money)!

My plan was to work as a contractor for a few months, build up my finances, build my business back up and then go back to my business full-time.

This was a great plan, the challenge with this was the commute from my home to my place of work was 2 hours 30mins to go and 2 hours 30 mins to return; a total of 5 hours commute.  Eek!

As you can imagine I was knackered by the time I got home but I still spent another 2 hours working on my business.  By the weekend, all I wanted to do was sleep.  The only time I could really network was in the evenings and weekends, even though I felt exhausted.

This continued for about 3 years and then I moved to another contracting job that was a total commute of 3 hours.  My plan remained the same – build my finances, build my business back up and go back to my business full-time.

Before I knew it another 2 years had gone by.  My finances were building up nicely because the money was fantastic, but my business was growing at snail’s pace because I was too tired to network, research, or market anything effectively.

I also realised I had become very comfortable and afraid.  Comfortable with the very nice income I was receiving; comfortable in my 3-hour commute (crazy, isn’t it?), comfortable in a job I could do in my sleep, afraid to fail again, afraid to leave my comfort zone to go back into the uncertainty of my business.

I also had another fear, I had been in contract (self) employment for 5 years and I was afraid that if I didn’t leave soon I would be stuck.  I knew that if I wanted to succeed and live the life I had been longing for and talking about, I needed to JUMP.

I gave myself a deadline, that I was going to leave the contract job at that date.  I took numerous online courses to learn business success strategies.  I was determined to do things differently this time and not make the same mistakes as before, thinking passion and industry ‘know-how’ is enough.When the deadline came, I took a deep breath and with my heart beating fast and butterflies swarming in my tummy, I left the job and jumped back into working my business full-time.


Well, I travel abroad every few months to see clients and for speaking engagements, and

  • I have more time to spend with my family and friends
  • I am constantly being offered projects to work on, yes people contact me to pay me money
  • I get invited to a lot of events and meet interesting and intelligent people
  • I finally have enough time for a romance… before I barely had enough time to sleep
  • I have time to do workouts in my local park
  • I can, if I choose, work from anywhere in the world, but…

I still spend time in study and research, and money on courses because I am consistently improving my business, providing value to my clients and helping them generate spectacular amounts in profits.



Because I know what it’s like to be looking for customers in every Facebook group you’re a part of, every social or business event you attend.

I know what it’s like to be holding on to your entrepreneurial dreams for dear life, even though you’re getting disheartened by the day.

You may think all you need is to read yet another online article on the ‘X’ number of things you need to do to get more customers.


Attend yet another course that you don’t know how to apply to your business.


Buy a book on the ‘Top 10 things to do to achieve your goals within a year’.


Work even more hours, hoping to get it right.


Do you really think that would make a difference?

Has it made a difference before?

Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their business and believe that it’s the most important thing that they need.

But I know that you’re more experienced than that!

You’re more experienced than most entrepreneurs.  You know that a business needs more than passion and more than enthusiasm; you know your products, and you believe that with the right training you can build your business to become a PROFIT-MAKING BUSINESS.

Don’t waste more time and energy on things that won’t work.

Don’t do what I did, wasting years and money going around in circles and not moving forward an inch. Don’t become stuck in your in your fear, in your comfort zone.

Take Control of Your Life Now.

Choose the Money Making Marketing Strategy Today!

During the programme, I’ll guide you from where your business currently is today, to where you’re dreaming of being.  I won’t just point to how to get there, I’ll take you through the exercises and practical steps that you need to make, that will bring huge improvement in your business and your life!

“I have really enjoyed the sessions so far which is forcing me to take action and ensure that I am always working towards my next goal.  It is also allowing me to see what works well and what doesn’t in my daily and weekly routine.
Shisha has a gentle but persuasive way of making sure you are getting things done even if it means going that extra mile.  This is helping me to shift my mental way of thinking from doing just enough to pushing through the barriers of possibility.
I believe by working in this manner it will open new doors and encourage new ways of thinking.  I certainly feel very focused and driven right now and committed to staying on this path.”

Dionne I, Bedford, UK


  • OUTSTANDING Market Strategy for on how to get the right kind of customers who are EAGER TO BUY your products
  • Clarity on how to achieve MAXIMUM increase in customers and sales
  • SUPERIOR Confidence in how to make money in your business
  • MAXIMUM ADVANCEMENT in your business, regardless of any other responsibilities you may have
  • Action plans for Business and Financial FREEDOM – well, you don’t want to work forever….do you?

Money-Making Marketing Strategy is for entrepreneurs who ready to create a business that generates consistent flow of customers and income.

Are you ready to create your business and generate the income of your dreams?

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Money Making Marketing: Your Target Audience

No matter how wonderful your products or services are, if no one is buying them, your business will fail.  No ifs, no buts.  For your business to succeed, you not only need people to buy your products, but you need them to keep buying it.

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • How you can create your Ideal Customers – the ones most likely to buy from you
  • How you to get your ideal customers to buy from you…every time
  • How to create customer loyalty and make sales effortless
  • How to emotionally connect with your customers and get them to love your products
  • How you can know where to find your ideal customer – so that you’re not wasting time, money and energy marketing to people that won’t buy from you
  • How to define your message to attract the best buyers.

Money Making Marketing: Making Your Products Irresistible

Do you already have a product and are ready to earn CRAZY money from your business?  Then this is the programme for you.

In order to make customers EAGER to buy your product, your product must be super amazing, and this course is all about creating an outstanding products and services that it would be crazy to your customers not to buy it.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an IRRESISTIBLE product offering to your customers
  • How make sure your products are so valuable your customers are rushing to buy it
  • How to emotionally connect with your customers to make sales effortless
  • How to cultivate loyal customers who last for life
  • How to position yourself as an expert and increase sales
  • How to create attractive bundles of YOUR products and services using my IRRESISTIBLE offer template…

But that’s not All!  Sign up Now and you’ll also get this outrageous bonus!

  • 4 weeks Tailored Marketing Strategy (£427 value)
  • 90 minutes Group Video Coaching (£597 value)
  • Training Workbook (£199 value)
  • Exclusive Email Accountability Support (£79 value)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group (Priceless)

“Our sessions have been great!  Thank you for teaching and breaking down the strategies I need to market my business, get more customers and make more sales. I finally get it!  Shisha, you’re right on the money!”

Guilaine, A, Birmingham, UK –

You have two options:

Option 1

Continue doing the same thing in your business, being overworked and overwhelmed, not making money and with little or no customer.


Option 2

You can access the strategies I and some of my highest earning clients have used to grow our businesses successfully.

Building a successful business is not about just putting your products on social media and hoping enough people will like your products enough to buy them. 

It takes knowledge and experience of knowing where to find your ideal customers, what they want, why they’ll buy from you and putting it all together to provide REAL VALUE.

Money-Making Marketing Strategy is for entrepreneurs who ready to create a business that generates consistent flow of customers and income.

Are you ready to create your business and generate the income of your dreams?


  • You’re lazy and not prepared to work for your success – I know, it sounds harsh; but there’s work to be done and you’ll need to do it
  • You’re indecisive or noncommittal – if you can’t decide on the minor things then maybe entrepreneurship is just not for you
  • You are satisfied with where you are and already know all that you need to know
  • Your business is just fine and doesn’t need to be improved
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself – I can’t force you to invest in yourself or to see the value in investing in yourself.


  • Continue reading every blog, article and watching every free video online about how to make money from your business and hoping it makes a difference
  • Spend years ‘experimenting’ on your business, trying to learn effective marketing and business success through trial and error
  • Stay tired, worn out with little or no money to show for it
  • Struggle to get paying customers
  • Keep longing, dreaming and telling yourself, ‘If only’.


You can put an end to struggling in your business and join my programme where I’ll guide you on how to smash each of your business goals, identify your target customers, create product packages that promote customer loyalty and keep the revenue coming in month after month, and much, much more.

Sign up for 3M Strategy today!

What You’ll Get:

Module 1: Money Making Marketing: Your Target Audience

Module 2: Money Making Marketing: Making Your Product Irresistible


  • 4 weeks Tailored Marketing Strategy (£427 value)
  • 90 minutes Group Video Coaching (£597 value)
  • Training Workbook (£197 value)
  • Exclusive Email Accountability Support (£79 value)
  • Access to Private Facebook Community for support, to share ideas and to get your questions answered! (Priceless).

Have Questions?  See below For Answers To Our Most Common Questions

Who is the programme for?

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve had your business for over a year.  If you’re struggling to get customers, get a consistent income or hit the goals you set for yourself, it’s time for you to take action.

I’m not making any money yet.  I don’t think it’s a good time to invest in a programme.

The best time to get a coach is when you’re not getting the results you want.  A coach is meant to help to you achieve your goals and if making money is part of your goals then you need a coach.  Every successful athlete and business owner has a coach.  A coach is meant to help you achieve greater things.

Do I get access to the whole programme immediately?

No…and here’s why:  Our students achieve greater results once they have gone through a private coaching call AND when the programme is delivered in manageable chunks rather than sending everything at once.

The programme is set up so that you can book a 30-minute Private coaching call with me and the training workbook before each 90-minute Group Video Coaching.

The courses will be held every Saturday.  The first course will be Money Making Marketing: Your Target Audience, followed by Money Making Marketing: Making Your Product Irresistible on the next Saturday.

“I love what you’re doing for me.  You’ve opened my eyes and mind to the opportunities in my business – how I can add value and make more money.  Our session has been full of gems I can apply to my business”

Angela Clark, Coventry, UK