Money-Making Marketing Strategy (3M Strategy) is a two-part programme for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to know how to get their ideal customers, how to get customers who are EAGER to buy their products and discover strategies that their business needs to SUPERSIZE their income.

If you feel that your business is stuck, and you don’t know what else to do to get it moving, you are overwhelmed about the number of things your business needs succeed, you don’t know how you’re going to achieve your goals or even how to get new customers…

Deep down you’re all out of ideas on what to do for the business to generate a consistent income…then Money-Making Marketing Strategy is for you.

Is 3M Strategy the right Programme for You?

This programme is for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of putting all in your business and not getting much out of it
  • You want a business that is generating an income of MINIMUM of £4,000 per month, EVERY month
  • You’re ready to take 100% responsibility for the SUCCESS of your business
  • You want customers who are EAGER to BUY your products
  • You are COMMITTED to your success and ready to work for it.

Are you ready to create your business and generate the income of your dreams?


I know your heart longs for something much more…

You dream of a business that provides value and creates financial wealth for you and your family.  You desire for the vision you have for yourself and your business to be achieved and build a business that makes a HUGE impact on others.

But you’re out of alignment with your vision.



IN SHORT: You want nothing more than to have a business that is generating consistent income, with a constant flow of customers who are EAGER to buy your products.   You want to create WEALTH!


  • A business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world
  • A business that is consistently making a profit and increasing in customers
  • A life where you spend quality time with your family and friends
  • Products and services that customers are clamouring for
  • Loyal customers who constantly recommend your products and services
  • Getting businesses to market your products and services


  • Setting your business up that generates at least six figures…consistently.


You’ve been toiling away on your business for years with no significant change.  You know it’s time to do something different, leave behind that grind and transform it to a profit-making business.

Maybe you:

  • Keep changing your business goals and products according to different customer’s views
  • Are marketing to family, friends and just about anyone that has ‘liked’ your product on social media
  • Have been offering different types of products but yet no-one is buying anything
  • Have tried different ways to get customers but you don’t know how to get them in
  • Have some customers but they buy only once or twice, and you don’t know why?

If you’re fed up of the unending cycle of no customers, not earning enough income, overworked, overwhelmed, not achieving your goals, then it’s time for a change.

Let’s set your business up for SUCCESS.

“Prior to meeting with Shisha, I decided that I wanted to develop my hobby of being a baker into a business.  I know what I wanted my end goal to be but not the steps to take to actively start this process.

Meeting with Shisha was a game changer.  We spoke about the basics such as the purpose of my business and what I wanted to end goals to be.  We spoke in depth about many aspects to my dream and how to make it a reality.  I realised that I had so much opportunity that I had been walking away from.

Since our session, I have taken active steps in the development and branding of my business as well as starting to make contacts for training and development purposes.

What difference has Shisha made?  A lot of difference.  The help in developing a strategy to start my business and further develop it, has certainly been worth it.”

Adeola F, London, UK

You don’t have to be stuck in the same place!

What if you had someone to show you exactly what you needed to do to turn things around?  Someone to guide you through each strategy, step by step?

Would you take the step?

Would you like to achieve your goals quicker?

Would you like to double your income or more in a few weeks?  Would you like to have the right type of customers eager to buy your products?  Would you live the life of your dreams?