Get Rich Quick Scheme? You Wish!

Don’t let anyone deceive you into believing that once you have a business you can get rich quickly, because if that’s your goal you’re setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even began. To build a successful business you MUST put in the work, you’ve got to GRIND, do your RESEARCH, TEST your market, takeContinue reading “Get Rich Quick Scheme? You Wish!”

Develop Your Originality

It’s easy to copy successful businesses and provide exactly the same products and services; I see it a lot in my business. The excuse given is why reinvent something that’s already successful, right?   I agree.  But there’s a uniqueness about every successful business, something that they’ve done, a twist about their product, service, business modelContinue reading “Develop Your Originality”

Lessons Learned with Hindsight

I love working with new entrepreneurs, there’s a fresh passion, determination and optimism that their business will succeed no matter what. My role as a coach is make sure that bubbling positive energy isn’t extinguished by ensuring they’re prepared for the challenges along the way; and that they not only have the necessary tools theyContinue reading “Lessons Learned with Hindsight”

Business Excellence isn’t hard, (just do the work)

I had a morning meeting with a financial institution whose customer base is predominantly Africans. The meeting was for my Property Concierge clients; to find out whether the institution had the right products for them. The staff were nice and cordial; however, I came away feeling that for an African-founded UK institution and whose marketingContinue reading “Business Excellence isn’t hard, (just do the work)”

Monday Blues

It’s now scientific to have Monday blues. Yep, you know have a legitimate reason to feel like crap on a Monday, irrespective of how your day is like. But really, why do most people hate Mondays? According to scientists, there are numerous reasons why people hate Mondays; the obvious ones are that Mondays reminds usContinue reading “Monday Blues”

Information Worth Paying For

There’s a lot of free information available on business – from how to start a business, how to sell your products/services, how to market your business, digital marketing, you name it, it’s out there. As a result, most people have some level of knowledge about various aspects of being in business; which is great.  ButContinue reading “Information Worth Paying For”

Back to the Drawing Board

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board. Nothing wrong in admitting to yourself that maybe you got it wrong; that the results you were expecting didn’t quite pan out; or that maybe you didn’t take enough time to figure out what you really wanted, what direction your life, your project, your businessContinue reading “Back to the Drawing Board”

Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur

Most people dream about being their own Boss. That’s the first thing they dream about, probably before they decide the type of business they want to have.  We tell ourselves that if we have our own business, we’ll have more control of our life, our time and our money. We’re convinced that the reason we’reContinue reading “Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur”

Goals…Who Needs Them?

Goals… ‘So, I’ve written down my goals, now what?’’  This is one of the first questions my clients ask me after their initial consultation. They normally vocalise their goals in the first consultation, and then I tell them to go back home, in a chilled and relaxed environment, no TV, no distractions; maybe after theContinue reading “Goals…Who Needs Them?”

Back in London, But Catch Me Worldwide

No Excuses I apologise to my readers for taking this long to update my blog.  I constantly tell my clients that their blogs and other social media must be active and updated, so my blog shouldn’t be months old!   I don’t accept excuses from my clients for not updating their blog (I may allow personalContinue reading “Back in London, But Catch Me Worldwide”