Back in London, But Catch Me Worldwide

No Excuses I apologise to my readers for taking this long to update my blog.  I constantly tell my clients that their blogs and other social media must be active and updated, so my blog shouldn’t be months old!   I don’t accept excuses from my clients for not updating their blog (I may allow personalContinue reading “Back in London, But Catch Me Worldwide”

Failure is Your Friend

You must fail. It’s very important for you, for me, for everyone, to fail at something.  Whether it’s at school, at work, in business. This is because you learn more in failure than you do in success. Failure separates the weak from the strong; the ones who give up easily from the ones who areContinue reading “Failure is Your Friend”

Naomi Campbell – Role Model

Drive Discipline and a Thick skin….. I never thought I would ever, in a million years mention Naomi Campbell, role model and me in the same sentence but please hear me out. I recently watched a couple of episodes of a reality model show called ‘The Face’ which features our very own Naomi Campbell asContinue reading “Naomi Campbell – Role Model”