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AydaOntheGo describes a the entrepreneur who is seeking to empower and create wealth for themselves, their family and community by building a business.

Do you want to create financial wealth for your business?  Do you want your business to be a Profit-Making business?

If You Do….then Welcome, you’re in the right place!

My name is Shisha Dublin-Green, I’m a Business Success Coach and Strategist helping entrepreneurs who want to build and grow an income generating, profit-making business.

I help entrepreneurs unlock success strategies that lead to huge financial rewards in their business and help them build a business of their dreams, full of INCREASING revenue and customers EAGER to buy their products.

My main focus is to help you build a PROFIT-MAKING business that generates a consistent income, increasing your customer base and at the same time increasing the value of your products.

“Prior to meeting with Shisha, I decided that I wanted to develop my hobby of being a baker into a business.  I know what I wanted my end goal to be but not the steps to take to actively start this process. Meeting with Shisha was a game changer.  We spoke about the basics such as the purpose of my business and what I wanted to end goals to be.  We spoke in depth about many aspects to my dream and how to make it a reality.  I realised that I had so much opportunity that I had been walking away from. Since our session, I have taken active steps in the development and branding of my business as well as starting to make contacts for training and development purposes. What difference has Shisha made?  Alot of difference.  The help in developing a strategy to start my business and further develop it, has certainly been worth it.”

Adeola F, Heavenly Bakes – London, UK

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