High Sacrifice for High Rewards

Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. The spoils (success) of entrepreneurship is not to those who are the brightest, the most creative or who create the best content; rather, it is to those who are the most consistent and have staying power. I’ve learnt that for your business to be successfulContinue reading “High Sacrifice for High Rewards”

Empowered Success Coaching

Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary in 3 Months Discover success strategies that lead to huge financial wealth in your business. Empowered Success is for entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about making six-figures or more, AND are 100% committed to creating a business consistently increasing in revenue and customers. That is why Empowered Success isContinue reading “Empowered Success Coaching”

Money-Making Marketing Strategy

Money-Making Marketing Strategy (3M Strategy) is a two-part programme for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to know how to get their ideal customers, how to get customers who are EAGER to buy their products and discover strategies that their business needs to SUPERSIZE their income. If you feel that your business is stuck, and youContinue reading “Money-Making Marketing Strategy”

About Me

Hi, I’m Shisha Dublin-Green and I am a Business Success Coach and I am here to help you make your business a ROARING success. Are you struggling in your business because you have no idea where your next customer is coming from? It’s my passion to help ambitious entrepreneurs make the shift from over-worked, lowContinue reading “About Me”


WHO IS AYDAONTHEGO? AydaOntheGo describes a the entrepreneur who is seeking to empower and create wealth for themselves, their family and community by building a business. Do you want to create financial wealth for your business?  Do you want your business to be a Profit-Making business? If You Do….then Welcome, you’re in the right place! MyContinue reading “Home”

Talk Less, Listen More

When selling your products to potential customers it’s tempting to over-share about your products – why it’s the best thing ever, how wonderful the features are – all singing and dancing; and this over-explaining continues with the price of your product.   You talk so much that you don’t allow the potential customer to speakContinue reading “Talk Less, Listen More”

Get Rich Quick Scheme? You Wish!

Don’t let anyone deceive you into believing that once you have a business you can get rich quickly, because if that’s your goal you’re setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even began. To build a successful business you MUST put in the work, you’ve got to GRIND, do your RESEARCH, TEST your market, takeContinue reading “Get Rich Quick Scheme? You Wish!”

Develop Your Originality

It’s easy to copy successful businesses and provide exactly the same products and services; I see it a lot in my business. The excuse given is why reinvent something that’s already successful, right?   I agree.  But there’s a uniqueness about every successful business, something that they’ve done, a twist about their product, service, business modelContinue reading “Develop Your Originality”